Founded in 1863, Bryant University is a private institution. The campus is 428 acres in size, has a total undergraduate enrolment of 3,022 (fall 2021), and is located in a suburban area in Smithfield, USA.

The academic calendar is based on semesters. Regional Universities North is where Bryant University is ranked in the Best Colleges edition for 2022–2023 at position #7. The cost of tuition and fees is $49329.

Where is Bryant University Located?

Private Bryant University is located in Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA. The College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences are its two colleges.

Bryant University Rankings for 2022/23

Out of 181 Regional Universities North, Bryant University is ranked at position #7. Schools are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognized measures of quality.

  • #7 in Regional Universities North (tie)
  • #7 in Best Colleges for Veterans
  • #43 in Best Value Schools

Bryant University Admissions

Admission at Bryant University is competitive, with a 74% acceptance rate and a 100% early acceptance rate. An ACT score of 26 to 30 or a SAT score between 1120 and 1300 are required for admission to Bryant University for half of the candidates.

Nevertheless, 25% of accepted applicants received scores that were above these limits, while 25% received scores that were below these levels. The Bryant University application deadline is February 1 and there is a $50 application fee.

University of Bryant Academic Life

Bryant University has a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio and 26.7% of its classes have fewer than 20 students. Bryant University’s most popular majors include:

Business, Marketing, Management; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Mathematics and Statistics; Social Sciences; Psychology; History; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Foreign Languages, Linguistics and Literatures; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; and Natural Resources and Conservation.

The average retention rate for freshmen, a measure of student satisfaction, is 89%.

Student Life at Bryant University

3 022 undergraduate students are enrolled at Bryant University overall (fall 2021), with 63% male and 37% female students.

83% of the students at this institution reside in housing that is owned, operated, or linked with the college, while 17% live off campus. Bryant University participates in sports through the NCAA I.

School Costs & Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid at Bryant University oversees a wide range of initiatives aimed at helping students cover the cost of their education.

The Office of Financial Aid manages a variety of programs to assist Bryant students and their families, including academic scholarships, need-based grants, education loans, and part-time student employment.

At Bryant University, the total amount of all financial aid programs—including student loans and benefits—exceeds $117.6 million.

Regardless of their family’s financial situation, all Bryant students are urged to submit an annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the U.S. Department of Education via

This gives students the opportunity to learn important and recent information about their eligibility for grants, loans, and work-study money.

University  Security

Data on campus safety were provided to the U.S. Department of Education by the university; they have not been independently verified. The statistics for criminal offenses do not always reflect prosecutions or convictions, but rather reports of alleged crimes to campus security and/or law enforcement officials.

In order to assess the safety of a campus and the neighborhood, experts encourage prospective students and their families to conduct their own study.

Bryant University Campus

Numerous student services are provided by Bryant University, such as non-remedial tutoring, a women’s center, job placement assistance, health care, and health insurance.

Also, Bryant University provides 24-hour emergency phone assistance, late-night transport/escort service, lighted pathways/sidewalks, controlled dormitory entrance, and 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols (key, security card, etc.).

50% of Bryant University students have cars on campus. Students at Bryant University who are of legal drinking age are authorized.

Scholarships Available at Bryant University

At Bryant & Stratton College, a variety of scholarships are available. Both eligibility and availability are influenced by a variety of variables. To find out if they qualify for a scholarship at Bryant & Stratton College, each student should speak with their own financial aid advisor.

Academic Excellence Scholarships

Scholarships for academic distinction are provided at Bryant & Stratton College for recent high school graduates, adult learners, online learners, and students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs.

The Bryant & Stratton College Scholarship Committee evaluates each applicant’s personal file and determines awards based on academic promise. All scholarship awards will be used in addition to any grants from the government and the state, but they cannot be more than the cost of tuition.

Matching Scholarship

Any scholarship given to a student through a qualified academic scholarship program of a professional group will be matched in full by Bryant & Stratton College.

Unions, civic or fraternal organisations, philanthropic societies, educational institutions, professional associations, and companies are a few examples of these organizations, which are normally 501(c)(3) organizations and cannot be linked with Bryant & Stratton College.

Private or public company scholarships must be examined and pre-approved by the College. The history of the program, previous award amounts, award criteria, the range of eligible award winners, and possible annual total award amounts will be the main points of the evaluation.

For a scholarship given to a public or private sector worker to qualify for a matching award, additional qualifying standards must be met. Scholarships that are only for one college are not included in the matching scheme.

The amount of a matching scholarship will never be more than the sum of the student’s tuition after state and federal subsidies have been taken into account.

Early Acceptance Scholarships

The Bryant & Stratton College Early Acceptance Scholarship may be available to students who complete the whole admissions process by a specific date. Students must fulfill the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • Arrange a personal interview with a Bryant & Stratton College admissions counselor.
  • Complete the enrollment application.
  • If you are a high school student, receive a written recommendation for admission from their guidance counselor.

Send in an essay answering the following questions:

  • What makes Bryant & Stratton College appealing to you?
  • Describe why you are the best applicant for this scholarship.
  • How do you intend to apply your education from Bryant & Stratton College?

The highest evaluation scores and the strength of the application as evaluated by the Admissions Committee will be used to choose the award recipients. Every college will decide whether the Early Acceptance Scholarship is offered from semester to semester.


Bryant University is a great institution in the United States. I f you are seeking admission into a tertiary institution, Bryant University is not a bad choice to consider.


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