There are plenty of occasions to celebrate in today’s society, like National Short Girl Appreciation Day on December 21 and National Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17.

Every day is practically a holiday, and teachers get their turn on the Tuesday of the first full week in May. On this day, teachers are recognized for the selfless effort they undertake all year long.

When is Teacher Appreciation Week?

In reality, Teacher Appreciation Week consists of several days, one of which is Teacher Appreciation Day.

Every year, the exact dates change, but it always happens at the start of May. The dates for Teacher Appreciation Week and Day in 2019 are May 6–10 and May 7, respectively.

The first full week of May is designated as Teacher Appreciation Week, and as a result, Teacher Appreciation Day is observed on the Tuesday of that week.

Why Teachers Deserve Teacher Appreciation Week

Is it common for you to drive by a school at, say, 6:00 a.m. on a Monday or 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday? If you have, you have probably noticed teacher vehicles in the lot.

After school, I often, if not usually, see other educators in my classroom. Teachers frequently put in extra time outside of school hours to prepare lessons and grade student work.

The amount of time and effort that educators put into their jobs often goes unrecognized. It’s wonderful work, but it’s also frequently thankless and exhausting.

Teachers also have a heavy financial burden. 94% of teachers, according to a recent National Center of Education Statistics research, spend their own money on the classroom.

People in the majority of conventional vocations would never be asked or expected to pay out of pocket for basic materials.

In reality, a lot of contemporary workplace benefits that are starting to become common in other industries aren’t really feasible in the teaching profession.

The starting compensation for teachers in many states is $30,000 or less annually. This is less than what someone with simply a high school graduation makes on average. Just this low pay is enough to give instructors the impression that they are not regarded or valued.

How to Honor Teachers During This Week

What can we do to honor teachers, then? There are easy things you can do to show a teacher you care, regardless of whether you work with teachers directly or have been out of school for a while.

How educators can help

Hopefully, you’re feeling loved by everyone in your vicinity. Think about everything you do during this period, and keep in mind to give yourself a break. Find out where you can obtain discounts or freebies solely for becoming a teacher by doing some research.

For instance, Chipotle is one of the companies that recognize Teacher Appreciation Day by giving teachers a free burrito.

It’s also a wonderful idea to express your gratitude to and appreciation for the teachers in your immediate vicinity, such as your neighbor who watches your class while you use the restroom or your best friend in the classroom who is always available to listen to your complaints.

Don’t forget to express your gratitude since you need that support to get through the day and remain sane.

Maybe you use this chance to treat yourself to a little time off. Inform your pupils that you won’t be grading their assignments for a few days. You’ll observe that they will survive and that the world will carry on. They may even pick up a valuable life lesson about patience.

What the Neighborhood Can Do

During teacher appreciation week, the community may help by contributing to the act of recognizing teachers. Here are a few simple suggestions.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, if you run a business, consider giving discounts or freebies to local teachers to demonstrate your appreciation.

You might also send little gifts or supplies to the instructors at the local schools. Businesses with physical locations may display a sign in their windows thanking instructors.

Ask the instructors in your neighborhood schools if they need any donations of supplies or if there is any way you can volunteer your time.

Thank the instructors in your neighborhood for accepting the challenge of educating and contributing significantly to the upbringing of the youngsters in your neighborhood in a letter.

What Parents and Students Can Do

Students and parents can collaborate with the administration to arrange events or presents for teachers in addition to the suggestions listed below. See a few of the aforementioned suggestions under “What Administrators Can Do”

The nicest thing you can do is express your gratitude to the teachers for all they do. You don’t have to say much; you can simply take a minute out of your day to express your gratitude to a teacher.

Check out the Teacher Appreciation Week gift guide below if you want to be more imaginative.

Gift ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

The present itself doesn’t important to the majority of teachers. It can be a thankless job, so many teachers just want to know they are valued. Find some gift suggestions by continuing to read.

1. Gratitude Letters

Do not underestimate the significance of this gift. For those really trying days, many instructors preserve old thank-you notes and cards on their desks.

On the days when they are doubting their decision to become teachers, they take the letters out to remind themselves of their motivations.

Look up that teacher who had a significant impact on you, even if you are no longer in school, and let them know. I can assure you that they are thinking of you and will be very appreciative.

2. Post on social media

This is an excellent method to publicly show the teacher you care, whether or not you are linked to them on social media, and to inspire others to value teachers as well.

Create a thread asking people to share the name of a teacher who had a significant impact on their lives, or start a post with a narrative about something good the instructor did.

3. Snacks

Every teacher I am aware of keeps some candy or snacks on hand, and those who don’t usually have a friend who does. When the day hasn’t gone as all as planned and the instructor just needs a little something, it’s a crucial element in any classroom.

It’s a good idea to have prepackaged snacks that teachers may quickly grab when they need a little boost.

4. Gift Cards

A thoughtful gift card is a terrific choice if you want to spend a little bit of money, but you may send a teacher a highly meaningful gift for very little or no money.

Since many teachers invest their own money on their classrooms, choose a destination you know the teacher will enjoy or a place where he or she may buy instructional materials.

You can’t go wrong whether you select a location that is useful or one that will let the teacher pamper himself or herself.

5. Classroom Decorations

This one can be challenging since you must be certain that you understand the teacher’s teaching philosophy. If you give them something they don’t like, they’ll feel compelled to flaunt it anyhow, which can irritate them even more.

However, if you are familiar with the teacher’s personality and have a feel for it, a wonderful décor can provide a warm and cozy touch to their classroom.

6. Classroom Supplies

Look around the room carefully and make a note of everything the teacher could need. Are they out of dry-erase markers altogether?

If there are no tissues available, must pupils use the restroom to blow their noses? Could their school library use some newer, updated books?

Giving teachers what they need makes their days easier and reduces stress, which is why these kinds of presents are so beneficial. Additionally, it demonstrates to them your genuine interest in them and consideration for their needs.

7. Classroom Support

For primary school teachers, this idea works best, but when parents step in to support teachers, it makes a significant difference. Come help with the next class celebration or offer to read a story to the class so the instructor can finish grading.

If the teacher is overly courteous and doesn’t respond to your question, don’t accept it as an answer. Every teacher works long hours and has an excessive workload.


It doesn’t have to take much time or money to show your appreciation for the work that teachers put their heart and soul (and pocketbook) into.

You don’t have to prepare anything extremely complex or go all out to show teachers you appreciate them, even though there are many unique and enjoyable ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

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