Courses in Aviation Studies, The University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and Igbinedion University, Okada, in Edo State, have teamed up with Newcastle Aerodrome, an Irish aviation training company, to launch a degree program in Aviation Studies.

At the event, both institutions agreed to train professionals to fill the manpower gap in the aviation industry in the country.

“The government will support anything that would improve knowledge and expand our technical expertise in every area,” said Minister of State for Education Emeka Nwajiuba, who was represented by one of his aides, Adewale Adelaide. That is why the government is searching for private-sector partnerships.” He added.

Prof. Charles Igwe, the Vice-Chancellor of UNN, who was present at the event, praised the relationship as the best thing that had happened to him in his tenure as the head of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
He lamented the paucity of aviation studies in Nigerian universities, saying it was one of the areas where the country had yet to completely capitalize in terms of curriculum studies.

“It’s great to hear that the training will begin at UNN. Igwe remarked, “We will ensure that Nigeria receives the finest in aviation studies at UNN.”
“We are confident that the cooperation, when fully operational, will bear mutual benefits to our two parties,” stated Prof. Lawrence Ezemonye, Vice-Chancellor of Igbinedion University.

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Earlier, John Nugent, Chief Flying Officer and Director of Aerodrome Newcastle, described the partnership as historic, noting that it was the first time two Nigerian universities – the first public university and the first private university – would collaborate with an international aviation school to enroll students for pilot training.

What is a course in aviation or Courses in Aviation Studies?

An aviation course can be a great way to start a long and successful career for aspiring pilots.
This program provides a variety of vital training for pilots, including preparation for commercial airline pilot jobs and flight teacher programs.

From the initial enrollment procedure to real flight training, the courses cover a wide range of topics. Students can learn more about practical flight expertise and acquire valuable insights from industry specialists.

Moreover, aviation students will have access to a wide range of intriguing opportunities all across the world. This coursework also prepares students to create their own enterprises using the knowledge they’ve gained throughout their studies, as well as work in the aviation industry in a number of roles.

On the whole, with UNN and Igbinedion Universities partnering with Newcastle Aerodrome to start aviation studies, there is much expectation in the improvement of the country’s aviation training. The introduction of these courses, it will fill the gap of insufficient manpower in the Nigerian aviation industry.

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