Pre Matric Scholarship encourages parents in minority communities to continue their efforts to send their school-age children to school, reduce the financial burden of schooling, and help their children complete schooling.

One of the program’s goals, empowerment through education, can lead to improved socio-economic conditions in minority communities.

Pre Matric Scholarships are awarded for study in India in government or private schools from class I to class X. This includes government boarding schools and appropriate private schools selected and notified in a transparent manner by the relevant state government. Associated Union Territory Management.

It is pertinent to note that Pre Matric Scholarships are awarded to students who have achieved a score of at least 50% on the previous final exam and whose annual income from all sources of their parents/guardians does not exceed Rs. 10,000 rupees.

Scholarship Terms

Pre Matric Scholarships are available to minority community students studying in grades I through X. Parents of students.

Self-accredited community certificates are required for students who have reached the age of 18. In all other cases, a community certificate notarized by the student’s parent/legal guardian is required.

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Award maintenance (for renewal applicants) is contingent on securing 50% points on the previous year’s exam.

Living Allowance is given to hostel and daily wage holders. The Pre Matric Scholarship will not be awarded to more than two of her students from one family (applies to all Minority Scholarship Programs under this Ministry combined).

students are required to attend regularly and the standards are set by the local school board.

The school/institution certifies the student’s claim to be a truant student not residing in the applicable school/institution residence based on the parent’s permanent residence and address.

Transfer of students from one school/institution to another school/institute is not normally done during the academic year, except in exceptional circumstances and for the benefit of the student’s educational background.

Scholarships may be suspended or canceled if a student violates school discipline or other terms of the scholarship.

The State Government/Union Territory Administration may also directly revoke an award if they are satisfied with the reasons for violating these regulations governing the program.

If found to have been received, the Pre Matric Scholarship will be canceled immediately and the amount of the Pre Matric scholarship paid will be recovered at the discretion of the state/region concerned

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Course/tuition fees and alimony will be deposited directly into the student’s bank account in Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode. Students receiving benefits from this plan may not use benefits from other plans for that purpose.

Students are only eligible for Full Fund Scholarships. H.SC/ST/OBC.

Eligible applicants are required to provide their Aadhaar number when applying for Pre Matric scholarships and if the individual does not have an Aadhaar, they may provide alternative identification details as per Official Gazette Notice-S.O. No. 1284 (E) No. 1137 of 04/21/2017. as borne by the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

The State/Territory publishes on its website all relevant information regarding financial and material benefits.
Regulations are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Government of India.

How To Apply For Pre Matric Scholarship

Apply to the NSP Portal for National Scholarships 2023 or Scholarship Registration 2023. Undergraduate students must register their names online with the National Scholarship Portal to receive Pre Matric scholarship.

For this purpose, students must register for the National Scholarships Only online mode at, the online interface of the Authority.

Undergraduate students registering as FRESH should tap the “Sign Up” option on the link displayed above the NSP website. Returning undergraduates will also need to tap Sign In and select their grades.

Then, after completing the application, save it in advance and present the final application. Registration is done with your school/university login.

Undergraduate student needs to improve school/university login if there is any progress in her FRESH application or reloaded application for undergraduate. The erroneous application remains in the login under investigation.

The primary responsibility of a student or applicant is to register and submit a scholarship application to her NSP.

Undergraduates or candidates who interestingly apply through the National Scholarship Portal are called freshmen, and undergraduates who have been awarded scholarships in one of the programs introduced during their senior year at NSP are called renewal undergraduates. increase.

Steps to Complete the National Scholarship Registration 2022

Students can apply online from the moment they learn about the scholarships accessible on the National Scholarship Portal (NSP-Gateway) and the student meets the specified eligibility requirements. To make an effective listing request, you must follow the specified steps.


Undergraduates should visit her NSP inbox institution page for Gadget Program.

Click New User? Register Link

Once you’re on her agency’s website, click the New User Registration link on the landing page. Candidates must read and understand the Employment Regulations. After checking the radio button, you can tap the “Next” button.

Please fill out the new registration form.

Tapping this link will open the re-enrollment structure. Currently, Pre-Matric grades 1 to 10 or Post-Matric/MC/Top grades 11, 12, UG, PG, etc. Select from the Scholarship Category and apply for a grant Select the scholarship program of your choice if you are applying for or select the incentive scheme you are applying for. To create an incentive plan, enter the required data in the structure and click the Register button.

Click log in to apply the Link

Upon completion of the re-registration process, the undergraduate will send a special Application ID and Secret Key to her provided (registered) mobile phone number via SMS. Currently, you can apply Connect by tapping Log In on the landing page. At this point, the gadget displays the login website for your new application.

Enter Login Details

On the login page, the subject logs into the NSP using the Application ID and Secret Key obtained during the time of the enrollment cycle and clicks the Login button. Here the learner has to change the secret on the first login. This private key must be kept secure and private. Candidates may change their mobile phone number just before their first login, for example before changing the acquired secret word.

Click on the Connect application form.

Tapping the login button opens the candidate dashboard. Click “Application Form” to proceed to the grant application.

Fill in the application form

Tap the application structure connection to display the application structure website. The application form is divided into three parts. H. Enrollment Details, Academic Details, Basic Details. Respondents should fill in the obviously required subtleties in the application structure and upload supporting archives along with the application structure. Finally, click the “Final Send” button.

Print Application Form

Clicking the Submit button effectively submits the application form. Now print and save the application structure. Further references.

New and Follow-up Applications:

New and follow-up application registration/submission for all Scholarship Programs (Pre Matric/Post Matric/MCM/Top Class).

A. Fresh Scholarship Application Structure: Guidelines for completing a web-based Fresh Scholarship Application Structure on the National Scholarships Portal.

For students: Aadhar numbers are set at their own discretion. Undergraduate students who do not have an Aadhar number can register with their current academic session registration card or bank passbook.

Applicants are encouraged to read the information bulletin carefully and familiarize themselves with all that is required to complete the scholarship structure on the National Scholarship Portal.

It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to ensure that he/she is eligible and meets all recommended circumstances to apply for the Pre Matric scholarship. If a candidate’s ineligibility is determined by peer review before or after applying for the scholarship, or at any other stage, that candidate’s scholarship will be terminated without notice.

He/she will be subject to disciplinary proceedings and will be boycotted for five years to select a central government-sponsored scholarship.

Candidates must ensure that all details provided are correct prior to final placement. Because there is no agreement to change the details after that.

The types of grant usage records are found on the Internet, and other types of similar types are not used. Titles/labels marked with * are required for your application

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