Peer pressure in Schools can destroy or build, Man as a social being cannot be found in isolation. No matter the setting or situation, man will always “link up” with his fellow men to achieve a specific objective, communication purposes, religious gatherings, academic purposes and so much more.

In line with the above-induced statement, it can therefore be deduced that in educational institutions, there must be the presence of some sort of informal association called peer group. A Peer group can simply be seen as a group of people who are approximately the same age and status, especially if they have the same interest.

These groups are termed informal because there are no specific guidelines for the association as well as no official pattern of group operations.

What Causes Peer Pressure in Schools?

As mentioned, peers move along with people who are their age mates, status, or people with whom they share common interests. For instance, in tertiary institutions, it can be observed that spillover students always mingle with students who also have spillover. This can be seen as a peer group caused by similar status.

Peer pressure in schools can be seen as the influence which a peer group has over its individual members. The influence is most times copied unintentionally or unconsciously as the individual would want to be a stronger part of the team and as such will go in line with group influence. It is also necessary to note that, this influence may be positive or negative. On the positive side, peer groups may teach an individual to be bold.

For instance, a student who mingles with a set of students who are outspoken will unconsciously find himself being more social and outspoken rather than being reserved. Also, mingling with people that have good reading culture can boost an individual’s reading culture to a high standard.

The positivity associated with mingling with the right set of peers is limitless; the same applies to the negative aspect. Association with people who carry out all forms of social vices affects an individual in such a group negatively.

It can be seen even in our society today that prostitutes mingle with their fellow prostitutes, drug addicts associate with their fellow drug addicts, and so on. Coming back to the academic sector, unserious students mingle consistently with people of like minds like them.

Finally, peer group and peer pressure go in line with the popular statement states that “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.” This explains that one’s friend can be a mirror of one’s life. As such, the participants in the academic sector should endeavor to choose peers who will have the right and positive influence on their lives.


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