Onoway High School has been serving the educational needs of the community since the 1940’s and began as a central site for high school education reaching out to many one room schoolhouses in the surrounding area.

The history of education in the Onoway Area is chronicled in a wonderful text entitled “In Retrospect: A century of education in Onoway & district 1904-2004.”

The school site that served students from 1960 to 2016 has been chronicled in a memory book, as all the painted wall murals were lost with the school demolition.

Starting in the 2016/17 school year, Onoway Jr./Sr High School will be hosting all the grade 8 students from the east end of Lac Ste Anne County, a common grade entry.

The 2016/17 school year is an exciting new era for the school as Onoway High School start classes in the state of the art Replacement School Building.

This two storey structure has numerous features designed to support all learners. It has a CTS wing supporting Mechanics/construction/Art Cosmetology and Technology.

Onoway High School have an amazing double gym with a walking track above, as well as a Fitness room facilty.

There is a large central atrium with natural lght, inviting students to gather, visit and work or grab a lunch from the kitchen. The second floor houses our Learning Commons, and associated student run Cafe.

Onoway High School Profile

Onoway High School offers a wide range of programming:

  1. Academic programming in all Senior high subjects including Calculus
  2. RAP, Work Experience and Green Certificate programs
  3. Fine Arts – Art, Drama, Class Band Honours Band, and Ensembles for both Junior and Senior high students
  4. Career and Technology Studies (CTS)
  5. Communication Technology/Construction/Cosmetology/ Foods /Mechanics
  6. Junior High Students have access to Career and Technology Foundation (CTF) courses
  7. Independent Studies- Sr . High
  8. A Library Commons and Research Centre
  9. Inclusive Education Programming
  10. Personal, Academic and Career Counselling
  11. Numerous team and individual sports at the Junior and Senior high Level
  12. An active student council along with school clubs.

The Onoway High School  involved the design and construction of a new replacement school facility to accommodate Grades 7-12 .

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The new two-storey school, designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification, has a capacity of 750 students with a build-out capacity of 850 students with the addition of 4 modular classrooms (totaling an additional 400m2).

The entire Onoway High School facility is a modern, bright, and inviting learning environment with a streamlined open-concept plan focusing on social interaction and accessibility with ease of circulation and supervision.

Features include a massive CTS Wing, Second floor running track, fitness room, performance theater , kitchen, student work pods, & a cafe that the students run as part of their business program.

Mission and Vision of Onoway High School

  • Empowering Learners is to empower Students/Staff/ Parents and Community
  • Empowering Students-Establishing realistic academic and behavioral standards for students to successfully meet.
  • Empowering Staff- Demonstrating quality teaching approaches to meet the needs of various learners.
  • Empowering Parents- Supporting parents as they guide their children through adolescence
  • Empowering Community – Encouraging connections between school and the larger community.
  • Empowering Learners is based on Relationships-Trust-Reliability-Effort
  • Empowerment is based on Relationships
  • Relationship are based on Trust
  • Trust is based on Reliability
  • Reliability requires Goal Focused Effort

Inorder for you to access the school official website click here.

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