JPTS University School Fees: As you search for universities to attend, it’s only natural that you’re thinking about the cost of education as well as its quality and reputation.

Fortunately, with the increased accessibility of information on the internet, you’ll be able to find out just about everything you want to know about a university through online resources such as university websites, student forums, and school rankings compiled by independent organizations and publications.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve gathered all the relevant details to help you understand what it costs to attend JPTS University both in terms of the total amount paid and the different payment plans available to students like you.

JPTS University Overview

Joint Professional Training and Support International Limited (JPTS), with locations in the United States and Nigeria. The establishment of the school was aimed at providing a wide range of educational programs with industry-relevant and standardized certifications.

The JPTS Int’l Inc. has helped more than 35,000 certified persons realize and develop their full potential through its professionally and thoroughly designed human capacity development system.

How much does it cost to study at JPTS?

The cost of studying at JPTS University varies depending on the program you choose and whether you are an international or domestic student.

However, all students can expect to pay tuition fees, student services fees, and other associated costs. For this reason, it is essential that you calculate how much money you will need before you start your degree program.

You can find a breakdown of estimated expenses by selecting the different tabs below: Estimated Expenses. Once you have calculated how much money you will need during your time at JPTS, please visit our scholarships page for more information about grants and scholarships available to students.

Scholarships vary in value and eligibility criteria, so be sure to read through the requirements thoroughly before applying.

JPTS University School Fees For All Courses

Depending on which study program you enroll in, you can expect to pay anywhere from 15,000 to 200,000 naira.

It’s no surprise that JPTS is frequently listed as one of Nigeria’s most affordable professional certificate schools.

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Nile University Abuja – Official Courses Offered & Admission

Oil and Gas Courses JPTS Fees

Deport and Terminal Managers Course ₦55,000
Shipping and Petroleum Management ₦35,000
Pipeline & Petroleum Logistics ₦25,000
Oil and Gas Specialist Course ₦15,000 No
Petroleum Product Marketing ₦15,000 No
Drilling and Offshore Operations Certification ₦55,000 No
Refinery Operations and Management ₦55,000 No

Engineering and Technical Courses JPTS Fees

1. Instrumentation and Control Certification –  ₦160,000
2. Building Technology –  ₦160,000
3. Industrial Scafolding – ₦160,000
4. Industrial Plumbing & Pipefittings – ₦160,000
5. Forklift Operations – ₦60,000
6. Crane Operations & Maintenance – ₦160,000
7. Auto Mechatronics Engineering – ₦160,000
8. Pipeline & Vessel Welding – ₦160,000
9. Electrical Installation and Industrial Wiring _ – ₦160,000
10. Facility Management and Maintenance Certificate – ₦30,000
11. Maintenance & Corrosion Technology Course – ₦30,000

Safety and Environment Courses JPTS Fees

1. NEBOSH IGC – ₦26,000
2. Certified Risk Assessor Certification – ₦20,000
3. Swim Test I.D – ₦15,000
4. Basic Paramedics & AED – ₦35,000
5. First Aid & CPR Certification – ₦10,000
6. Helicopter Underwater Escape Training – ₦180,000
7. RIG Safety & RIG Pass – ₦30,000
7. HACCP, HAZOP & Process Safety Course – ₦35,000
8. Food Safety Course – ₦25,000
9. Aviation Safety Course – ₦25,000
10.Port Facility Security Officers Course (PFSO) – ₦45,000
11. Certified Security Officers Course – ₦35,000
12. STWC 98 (Maritime Mandatory) – ₦105,000
13. Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training – ₦200,000
14. Emergency Management & Confined Space Entry – ₦10,000
15. Fire Safety Course – ₦10,000
16. Environment Toxicology – ₦20,000
17. Advanced Safety Managers Certification – ₦21,000
18. EIA/EMS (ISO 14001) – ₦15,000
19. Corporate Safety Certification – ₦25,000
20. HSE (Level II) Supervision Certification – ₦21,000
21. Onshore Offshore HSE (Level II) Certification – ₦15,000

ICT and Software Courses JPTS Fees

1. System Analyst Certification – ₦90,000
2. Software Development Programme – ₦90,000
3. Network Engineer Certification – ₦90,000
4. Information Technology Management Certification – ₦90,000
5. Certified Information Security Professionals Certification – ₦90,000
6. Cloud Technology – ₦90,000
7. Reservoir Simulation (ECLIPSE, PETRA) – ₦100,000
8. Oil and Gas Softskills (HYSIS & PDMS) – ₦120,000

Management Courses JPTS Fees

1. Contract & Procurement Management – ₦55,000
2. IFRS Certification – ₦180,000
3. Certified Public Relations Certification – ₦25,000
4. Transport and Logistics Chain Management  – ₦25,000
5. Customer Care Professionals Certification – ₦20,000
6. Change Management – ₦20,000
7. International Negotiation Certification – ₦20,000
8. Forensic Accounting Certification – ₦35,000
9. Human Resources Managers Certification – ₦25,000
10. Management Information System – ₦25,000
11. Quality Assurance and Control – ₦25,000
12. Certified System Auditors Certification – ₦50,000
13. Conflict Management and Peace Resolution – ₦25,000
14. Project Management – ₦25,000

How do I make JPTS University School Fees payments?

There are a few different ways to make payments for your JPTS University tuition and fees. You can pay online through the school’s website, by mail, or in person at the school’s office.

If you’re paying online, you’ll need to provide your credit card information or set up a payment plan. If you’re paying by mail, you’ll need to include your student ID number on your check or money order.

If you want to pay in person, head down to the university with cash. The school doesn’t accept checks or cards. It is best to avoid this because the university will charge you an additional fee for these types of transactions. Make sure that you have your student ID number available when making any type of payment so that it will be quick and easy.

What payment methods are available in JPTS?

There are a few different ways that students can pay their JPTS University school fees. The first is by cash, which can be paid either in person or through the mail. The second is by check, which can also be paid in person or through the mail.

The third is by credit card, which can be paid online or over the phone. And finally, the fourth option is to set up a payment plan, which can be done through the school’s website. What about my tuition? Your tuition will vary depending on your program of study as stated above.

You can find out what you owe and how to make payments on the school’s website. If I want to enroll in a payment plan for my tuition and fees then I need to go onto the school’s website and set it up there.

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