Jobs in environmental economics – The undergraduate program in Environmental and Resource Economics is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers by focusing on the application of economic theory to specific environmental and resource problems including land, marine, water, agricultural, forestry, fisheries or marine resource economics.

With the growing awareness of environmental issues and concern for sustainability, you can find work in all sorts of areas. But what are some of the specific jobs that you could do as an environmental economist? Today we’re looking at possible career paths to give you some ideas about the kind of work which you might like to do once you graduate.

Those interested in finding a major that allows them to help the environment while taking business and economics classes might find that environmental economics and management is the major for them.

There are a variety of career options for those who study environmental economics and management, from public policy to the food industry. In this article, we discuss what a major in environmental economics and management involves and describe fifteen career options for those with a bachelor’s in environmental economics and management.

What is an environmental economics and management major?

Environmental economics and management majors take a variety of courses involving environmental science, economics, business, finance and public policy. This major prepares you to help promote environmental stability along with business development.

While studying the development and pursuit of economic and financial goals, environmental economics and management majors also study environmentally friendly policies and practices to maintain water cleanliness, soil quality, air quality and forest maintenance, among other facets of environmental protection.

Those with this major often work for food industry corporations, government agencies, and non-governmental conservation organizations. They can also work for manufacturing and extraction companies.

Jobs In Environmental Economics

Here are some top Jobs in environmental economics available to those with a degree in environmental economics and management.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Environmental Consultant

Some big multi-national companies have a dedicated department for environmental issues, but there are also many small or medium-sized enterprises which want to get in on the sustainability game but can’t afford or don’t want to dedicate a full-time employee to the topic. For these companies, they may choose to employ an environmental consultant to advise on how the business can adapt to environmental concerns.

Working as a consultant is highly lucrative, and enjoyable for those who are energized by constantly moving from one project to the next. This work allows you to spread your knowledge across a broad range of companies, and to have a potentially large impact on a number of businesses.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Agriculture Economics

Another area which is related to the environment and has a large amount of funding dedicated to it is agriculture economics. The considerations for how a country will grow or import enough food to support its population is always a concern, particularly in countries which are moving away from farming as a major job and towards technology-based economies. The US, for example, pours a large amount of funding into research and the development of policies regarding agriculture.

A distinctive feature of agriculture economics is the huge role multinational agric businesses have in the industry. Those who have worked in fields like finance or health will be familiar with the large influence which is exerted by huge corporations. Some people will find this sort of high-pressure environment to be stimulating, while it might be overwhelming for others. This is a field which will only become more important as sustainability becomes more incorporated into agricultural policy.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Resource Management

As someone trained in environmental economics, you are in an excellent position to understand the limited nature of certain resources. The acquisition and distribution of water, for example, is a problem not only in sub-Saharan African countries but also in places like California, where there has been a drought for many years. There are often multiple governmental agencies which are involved in the management of resources, which create and enforce policies aimed at distributing resources fairly.

This work will require frequent collaboration with lobbyists and policymakers, so it requires someone who is comfortable operating within a political system. It’s also vital that you are able to explain your knowledge to non-experts, so this is a role suited to someone highly skilled in communication.

Possible roles in resource management include working for a local government agencies like the California state water board, or federal organisations like the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Climate Change Analyst

Climate change analysts, also known as climatologists, work with various government and private organizations to analyze data concerning climate change. Their organization provides them with research concerning the ozone layer, global temperatures, weather patterns, ocean water temperatures and animal population levels, among other environmental aspects.

They study this data and generate reports that are used to strategize how to improve environmental conditions.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Research Analyst

Research analysts are provided with a variety of data to ensure it is valid and to compile it in meaningful ways so that it can best be used by policy experts. These experts work in a wide variety of fields.

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In this case, environmental economics and management majors may study food production levels, environmental health changes, commonality and changes of illnesses in livestock or many other aspects of environmental science as it pertains to business and economics.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Environmental Scientist

Working in the field or in laboratories, environmental scientists collect data and samples of environmental factors like soil, water, air as well as animal and plant matter. They analyze these samples and data to study their quality and discover changes and the cause of those changes.

They work to both conserve healthy environments and to diagnose and recommend treatment of damaged or unhealthy aspects of our environment.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Grant Specialist

Grant specialists work to acquire funding for various organizations and individuals. This involves writing compelling grant proposals informing charitable, financial and government institutions on why allocated funds should go to the specialist’s employer.

In the world of environmental economics and management, this would involve gaining funding for environmental research and conservation efforts from government agencies, universities and environmental protection groups.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Environmental Reporting Specialist

Environmental reporting specialists monitor environmental changes. This involves identifying factors causing those changes and the negative or positive impact. They report these changes to their employer, whether that is a governmental or private watchdog group or to an organization that wishes to maintain oversight of their impact on the environment.

These specialists sometimes recommend environmental solutions to their employers, but generally, maintain analytics and reporting positions.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Sustainability Finance Associate

Sustainability finance associates investigate the financial or economic viability of environmental sustainability and conservation practices. Using their knowledge of economics and statistics, they analyze data and advise on the best practices for profitability and financial viability of environmental projects and initiatives to determine whether than can be begun or continued.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultants are hired to advise business managers on environmentally friendly practices. With extensive knowledge of government environmental policies, these consultants analyze current business practices and recommend solutions to improve a business’ environmental impact.

This can be done to meet changing government regulations or to allow for tax breaks and other government incentives for green business practices.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Environmental Economics Analyst

An environmental economics analyst is responsible for monitoring environmental changes, including natural disasters, and predicting their impact on economies.

These analysts can work on a local, national or global scale to analyze the impact of changing environmental factors as they relate to production, shipping, and sales. This involves not only natural disasters but also things like changing climates’ effects on crop growth and illness prevalence in livestock.

Jobs In Environmental Economics Carbon Emission Accounting Expert

Carbon emission accounting experts are hired by organizations to track their carbon footprint. This is to ensure that they meet government regulations and to understand the impact of their business on the environment.

These experts can be responsible for advising remedies to environmentally unfriendly policies or for making sure that their employer qualifies for government incentives for green business practices.

Jobs In Environmental Economics – Investment adviser

Investment advisers are hired to recommend the purchasing of stocks and securities for their employers. They are hired by organizations and by individuals as wealth managers. For environmental economics and management majors, this involves the analysis of environmental factors and recommending investments based on their changes.

They study environmental changes and business policies as they relate to environmental policy and predict their impact on performance and stock price fluctuations.

With the above information, it is believe that you will make a good decision concerning jobs in environmental economics.

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