The Apple AirPods are an excellent piece of wireless music equipment that can pair with any device that supports Bluetooth communication.

Many customers are curious about whether or not an Apple product can be used on a device that is not an Apple product. You may also couple them with other devices such as Android, Windows, Chromebook, and so on in addition to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

When it comes to Chromebook, you won’t need to break a sweat in order to connect your AirPods, and you can do so in a matter of a few minutes. Today, we will discuss the process that must be followed in order to successfully pair your AirPods with a Chromebook.

How to Connect AirPods to Chromebook?

There are two primary stages involved in connecting your AirPods to your Chromebook. After you have ensured that the Bluetooth feature on your Chromebook is active and turned on, you will be able to pair your AirPods with it.

The 1st step: You have to activate Bluetooth by turning it on.

Because AirPods connect to Chromebook over Bluetooth, you will need to enter the menu for Bluetooth in order to utilize the features that it offers. To do so,

  1. Combine pressing the SHIFT key, the ALT key, and the S key on the keyboard.
  2. Following that, select Bluetooth from the left pane of the window.
  3. Tap the Bluetooth icon.
  4. To activate Bluetooth, move the slider to the “on” position.

You may alternatively choose to proceed in the following manner as well:

  1. To view the current time, select the Time / Clock indicator located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. To start, click the gear icon.
  3. Then select Bluetooth > Turn on Bluetooth from the menu.

The 2nd step: You are to pair the AirPods with the Chromebook.

You will need to bring the AirPods close to the Chromebook in order to initiate the pairing procedure when the Chromebook’s Bluetooth has been turned on and is ready to create a connection. If you want to successfully pair your AirPods with your Chromebook, check out the instructions that are listed below.

  1. First, check to see if there is enough charge left in your AirPods. If the device’s battery is low, you should charge it for approximately 15 to 20 minutes so that the pairing process is not interrupted.
  2. Put both AirPods into the charging case at the same time (case).
  3. After a thirty second interval, remove the cover from the charging case.
  4. On the rear of the charging unit, you will see a button labeled “Setup;” continue pushing this button.
  5. After 14 to 16 seconds, when you see the white light, you can release the button.
  6. Proceed now to the Chromebook’s Bluetooth menu by following the procedures from earlier.
  7. You may find the AirPods under the section labeled “Unpaired devices.”
  8. Once you have found it and selected it, your Chromebook will be able to pair with AirPods.

How to Unpair AirPods from Chromebook?

Remove the AirPods from the Chromebook if you no longer need to use them for working with AirPods while using the Chromebook.

In order to accomplish that, you will need to unpair it. When you do this, your Chromebook will no longer be able to connect to your AirPods. You can unpair your AirPods from your Chromebook by going through the steps that are listed below.

  1. Using the procedures from before, you can now access the Chromebook’s Bluetooth settings.
  2. Find the missing AirPods.
  3. To use AirPods, click the arrow icon next to their name.
  4. Now, click the Forget button.

How do I change the name of the AirPods on my Chromebook?

Altering the name of the AirPods that are used with a Chromebook is also an option. You may alter the name of the AirPods, just like you can do so with other devices, by opening the settings menu for the AirPods in the Bluetooth settings. On a Chromebook, here is how you can change its name of it.

  1. Launch the Bluetooth settings menu.
  2. Make sure the Bluetooth option is selected.
  3. Select the arrow icon that’s located next to AirPods.
  4. Select the option to Change device name.
  5. Remove the name that is currently in use.
  6. Change the name that is displayed for the AirPods.
  7. Click Done.

Troubleshooting tips for AirPods with Chromebook

  • If something goes wrong with your AirPods, you can try to reset them and see if it helps fix the problem. Put your AirPods in their charging case, make sure the lid is closed, then wait for thirty seconds before removing the AirPods. Try again after you have used your Chromebook to “forget” the Bluetooth pairing it now has with your AirPods while you are waiting.
  • If it does not solve the problem, go to the Bluetooth settings menu on your Chromebook and try turning Bluetooth off completely. After a few seconds have passed, turn Bluetooth back on and make another attempt to re-establish a connection to your AirPods.
  • In order for AirPods to get software updates, they must be linked to an Apple device. If you primarily use your AirPods with your Chromebook, it is important that you occasionally disconnect them from the Chromebook and sync them with an Apple device such as an iPhone so that they may receive software updates.
  • It’s possible that some people have mostly used their AirPods with other devices but are interested in switching to Chromebook. If this is the case, check to see that your AirPods are not immediately connecting with a different device the moment you take them out of your ears and replace them in your ears. During the pairing process, the AirPods should remain in their carrying case.
  • In some instances, IT administrators may be the ones responsible for managing Bluetooth connections. It is possible that you will not be able to connect your personal AirPods to a Chromebook that you use at work or school unless you first have permission to do so.
  • It is important to keep in mind that the range of Bluetooth devices such as AirPods, as well as the range of Bluetooth on Chromebooks, can vary. If you are more than 20 feet away from them, they may begin to experience problems.
  • Some of the touch controls on AirPods, particularly on the AirPods Pro 2, may be programmed to perform a variety of different functions by using the Settings app on an Apple smartphone. When the AirPods are linked to a different device, such as a Chromebook, this customization might not work, which would result in a change in the functioning of the AirPods.

How do I unblock Bluetooth on my Chromebook?

If Bluetooth is turned off on your Chromebook, you may easily turn it back on by clicking the tile that represents Bluetooth. You also have the option to open Settings and activate Bluetooth by toggling the switch.

Why do my AirPods always seem to disconnect from my Chromebook?

Whenever there is an issue with Bluetooth, you will typically see this behavior. You could try turning off Bluetooth on your Chromebook and then turning it back on again. You can also attempt to link the AirPods with the Chromebook once again. Last but not least, you can try power cycling the Chromebook and performing a factory reset on the AirPods.

How can I make my AirPods Pros searchable and discoverable?

After opening the case, press and hold the button located on the back of the device until the indicator light begins flashing white. Discoverability has been enabled for your AirPods.


This concludes our walkthrough on how to connect AirPods Pro to a Chromebook. As you’ve seen, pairing AirPods with Chrome OS is a pretty simple process, and the fact that they function so wonderfully makes the experience all the more satisfying.

Obviously, you do not have the same level of control that you would have with a Mac or an iPhone. However, the fact that AirPods can be used with Chromebooks, Windows computers, and even Android phones is a welcome convenience, isn’t it?

What are your thoughts? Do you appreciate listening to music on a Chromebook with your AirPods? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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