Do you know it’s easy to check your WAEC results? It’s very simple using your phone. You do not need to check your examination result at a computer center, the WAEC office, or your secondary school. In this article, I’ll show you how to check your WAEC exam results online using a simple step-by-step procedure.

Checking WAEC Result

You can view your WAEC results by phone in two ways: online on the WAEC result checker page, or via SMS text message.

Requirements for Checking WAEC Result

Here is a list of things you’ll need to check your WAEC result on your phone:
1. WAEC examination number
2. Pin for scratching cards
3. Serial number of the examination
4. Examination year type

The interesting news is that this year’s candidates will be relieved to learn that they will not require a scratch card to check their results.

Candidates’ Result Checker PIN and Serial Number, which are necessary to check their results on the official website, are found on the Candidate’s Smart Identity Card, which was used during the examination.

How to Check WAEC Result Online

The steps to check your WAEC result are outlined here.
Go to to check your WAEC results.

Enter your WAEC Examination Number, which is ten digits long. The candidate’s 7-digit centre number and 3-digit candidate number, for example, 1234567890, are both included in the examination number.

Proceed to enter the year of your exam, for example, 2022.
Decide on the type of test. Candidates are expected to click WAEC for this reason.

Continue by entering your e-PIN Voucher Number.

Then do well to enter your e-Personal PIN’s Identification Number (PIN) and double-check that the figures are completely right.

Hang tight for the results window to appear after clicking the submit icon.
Best of luck as you go over your results!

How to Get Your WAEC Result Via Text Message

Note: This technique costs thirty (30) naira and allows you to see your WAEC results by SMS.
The following is the technique for checking your WAEC result through SMS:
1. Open your phone’s text messaging app.
2. Choose Send a New Message.
3. Enter 32327 as the receiver for your WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear.
4. Send a message by clicking the send message button.

Your WAEC results will be sent to you through SMS.

Illustration of the text message; WAEC*4250101241*765546789872*2022
Wait a few minutes after sending the message for the results to appear in your phone as a new SMS.

How to Check WAEC Results: Frequently Asked Questions

How many times may I use my phone to check my WAEC results?

It is worthy to note that there is no statue of limitations for checking your results. Your pin, however, can only be used five times. If it runs out, you’ll have to buy another one to continue.

Is it possible to check several results with a single PIN?
You can’t do it. It can only be used for one result at a time.

I’m having trouble checking my WAEC result. Please help
For verification and help, please submit the following information to The Displayed error message; Your exam reference number; Exam Type; and the Examination Year

For more information, contact the WAEC office closest to you.

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