In considering the question how much does a high school teacher make? A detailed compensation information may help you determine if being a high school teacher is the best career option for you if you are thinking about doing so.

The average salary for high school teachers, the states with the highest average pay, and the requirements to become a high school teacher are all covered in this article.

What is a High School Teacher?

A high school teacher is a qualified educator who has been granted permission by the state to instruct high school students on a certain topics.

Math, science, language arts, reading, history, art, music, physical education, and other electives are just a few examples of the subjects that high school teachers often focus on in one or two courses.

Each class may contain students who are at a different level than the teacher’s other classes because they teach the same subject to various groups of students throughout the day.

They instruct high school courses, such as honors classes or those that grant college credit, including advanced placement (AP), dual enrollment, or international baccalaureate (IB) programs.

How Much Does a High School Teacher Make?

What kind of salary can one expect to receive as a high school teacher in the United States? As of the 23rd of November, 2022, the normal compensation range for high school teachers in the United States is between $50,800 and $78,100, with the average salary coming in at $62,700.

Also, note that the state of Maryland offers the highest income for educators at $61,254. Where Montana has the nation’s lowest average compensation for teachers at $34,041; and the United States national annual wage for teachers is $47,989

So looking at the average hourly wage for teachers in the United States, it is cap at$23.07.

Average Pay for High School Teachers?

High school teachers in the United States get an average yearly pay of $47,292, with salaries ranging from $14,000 to $106,000.

When evaluating a job offer, there are additional salary considerations to keep in mind, such as overtime pay, bonuses, and benefit packages.

Since salaries are constantly changing, check Indeed for the most recent salary trends by location or occupation.

Highest Paying States for High School Teachers

When comparing salaries, take into account each state’s educational and licensing requirements as well as its average pay, salary range, and cost of living. Following is a breakdown of high school teacher pay by state:

  1. Wyoming: $51,756 per year
  2. Wisconsin: $52,640 per year
  3. West Virginia: $46,541 per year
  4. Washington State: $70,658 per year
  5. Virginia: $45,699 per year
  6. Vermont: $16.52 per hour
  7. Utah: $52,344 per year
  8. Texas: $47,715 per year
  9. Tennessee: $47,313 per year
  10. South Dakota: $41,869 per year
  11. South Carolina: $43,212 per year
  12. Rhode Island: $43,485 per year
  13. Pennsylvania: $48,760 per year
  14. Oregon: $50,840 per year
  15. Oklahoma: $41,677 per year
  16. Ohio: $18.87 per hour
  17. North Dakota: $14.50 per hour
  18. North Carolina: $39,364 per year
  19. New York: $39.11 per hour
  20. New Mexico: $46,036 per year
  21. New Jersey: $54,665 per year
  22. New Hampshire: $22.19 per hour
  23. Nevada: $48,878 per year
  24. Nebraska: $17.90 per hour
  25. Montana: $38,418 per year
  26. Missouri: $42,498 per year
  27. Mississippi: $40,848 per year
  28. Minnesota: $16.54 per hour
  29. Michigan: $43,550 per year
  30. Massachusetts: $22.94 per hour
  31. Maryland: $43,869 per year
  32. Maine: $44,382 per year
  33. Louisiana: $43,935 per year
  34. Kentucky: $44,803 per year
  35. Kansas: $11.84 per hour
  36. Iowa: $17.90 per hour
  37. Indiana: $42,754 per year
  38. Illinois: $46,886 per year
  39. Idaho: $46,603 per year
  40. Hawaii: $20.34 per hour
  41. Georgia: $18.28 per hour
  42. Florida: $42,762 per year
  43. Delaware: $44,985 per year
  44. Connecticut: $53,333 per year
  45. Colorado: $40,461 per year
  46. California: $60,876 per year
  47. Arkansas: $44,750 per year
  48. Arizona: $41,482 per year
  49. Alaska: $14.27 per hour
  50. Alabama: $12.08 per hour

How to Become a High School Teacher

High school teaching is a gratifying and hard career choice that varies not only by geography but also by selected subject.

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As you’ll be asked to grade assignments, you may anticipate a good amount of take-home work, the amount of which will vary on the courses covered. To pursue the career as a high school teacher, take the following actions:

1. Get to Know the Licensing Requirements of Your State

This is significant since different states have different criteria for teacher licensing. Before you start making efforts to become a teacher, you must be aware of the kind of education and training required.

2. Obtain the required Education

The next step is to complete the academic requirements set forth by your state. All states mandate that teachers hold a teaching certificate, which may also include a master’s degree in some cases, in addition to a bachelor’s degree and other courses.

If you wish to become a teacher but have a bachelor’s degree in another subject, many states also offer an alternate teacher preparation pathway.

3. Complete an Internship

Take part in a student internship in the subject you want to teach. The majority of college students finish their internship as a requirement for their degree or as part of their alternative teacher preparation courses.

Before beginning to teach classes under the direction of the certified teacher, these internships typically start with a time during which the student observes another teacher in the classroom.

4. Pass certification tests

To obtain your teaching license, you must next pass the general knowledge and subject-specific exams required by your state. Following the successful completion of all exams, you will be granted your teaching license.

5. Get your teaching License

After passing each of the necessary licensing exams, you should get your license application ready. Many states need you to submit an application, pay license fees, submit to fingerprinting, and pass a background check in addition to other requirements that differ by state.

6. Make Sure Your Résumé is Ready

You should update your CV to include information about your education, internship experience, and teaching license once you have acquired it.

7. Apply for Employment that are Open in Your Field

You are set to start applying for open employment after you have finished creating your résumé. Look for open positions in the grades and topic areas you wish to teach at the school district in your county.

Keep your license current. To keep their teaching credentials current, most states mandate that teachers take continuing education courses. While each state has its own criteria for continuing education, many states require instructors to complete between six and twelve graduate-level credits every five years in order to maintain their teaching license.

8. Maintain your License

To keep their teaching credentials current, most states mandate that teachers take continuing education courses.

While each state has its own criteria for continuing education, many states require instructors to complete between six and twelve graduate-level credits every five years in order to maintain their teaching license.


As of 2022, the average income for a high school math teacher in the United States was $54,795, while the normal salary range is between $43,909 and $69,115.

Salary ranges can vary significantly depending on a variety of aspects, including schooling, credentials, supplementary talents, and the length of time you’ve been working in a given field.

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