High Schools In Regina: This is a list of to 10 best high schools (at the elementary and secondary level) that are located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The public system has approximately 21,000 students enrolled across the city; the Catholic board has an enrolment number of approximately 10,000 students; and CÉF has about 500 students in the city.

There are also a number of independent schools located in Regina, including Luther College High School and Regina Christian School.

Without further delay, these are the best high schools in Regina  to take your ward(s) to:

  • Campbell Collegiate
  • Balfour Collegiate
  • Martin Collegiate
  • Miller Comprehensive High School
  • F.W Johnson Collegiate
  • Michael A. Riffel High School
  • Scott High School
  • Thom Collegiate
  • Winston Knoll Collegiate
  • Archbishop M.C O’Neill High School

It is pertinent to note that high school is such an important time that we want to help parents, students and teachers choose the best fit for their career path or post-secondary institution for additional education.

We believe you will definitely find this information about high schools in Regina helpful and maybe it’s good enough to get your friends and family off your back and stop asking you which school you’re going to! Let’s proceed.

10 Best High schools in Regina

Whether you live in Regina or are thinking about moving here, knowing the best high schools in Regina will definitely help you make some important decisions.

Schoolblog have tried to review some of the best high schools in the area so you can be well informed when making a decision.

Campbell Collegiate

Location: 102 Massey Road Regina, Saskatchewan, S4S 4M9, Canada.

Campbell Collegiate is a public high school located in Whitmore Park area of South Regina Saskatchewan Canada. The school started operation in 1963 and has since proven to be one of Regina’s top public High school.

Currently, it has the largest number of students’ enrollment at 1440 from grades 9-12 in the city. This is no surprise seeing how outstanding the school has being in creating a sustainable learning environment over the years. Campbell Collegiate has state-of-the-art class rooms, libraries, sport facilities, extracurricular facilities and more.

One of the core values of the Campbell Collegiate is the provision of excellent academic courses and programs designed to improve learning and achieve academic success. Students are assisted with studies in English and French immersion.

At Campbell, students are encouraged to get involved in clubs, participate in sport and athletic activities, and join a music class or any extracurricular activity of interest.

This is to keep students mentally active and fully involved in the school. The School has a notable alumni community and also works in partnership with the community where it is located to ensure students get the best education in Regina.

Balfour Collegiate

Location: 1245 College Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 1B1, Canada.

Balfour Collegiate is one of Regina’s recognized School. The school was officially opened on the 2nd of September 1930, named after the city’s former mayor James Balfour. It was originally a technical school but has now become a commercial high school.

Balfour prides itself in being able to provide its students with all they need to excel academically. The school has well-fitted laboratories, theaters, library, and athletic.

It has affiliated communities and feeder schools which include Thomson Community School, Douglas Park School, Arcola Community School, W.F. Ready School and Wascana Plains School.

If you are a native of Canada and would like your kids to school somewhere they would be indoctrinated with a bit of Canadian culture as they learn, then Balfour is the school to take them.

The school is known in all of Regina to uphold tradition and togetherness while promoting good relationships between student, staff, and the community.

In 1995, it was chosen as an exemplary secondary school by the Canadian Education Association. Balfour is committed to helping students grow academically and socially.

Martin Collegiate

Location: 1100 McIntosh Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4T 5B7, Canada.

Martin Collegiate, one of Regina’s prominent high schools is located in Rosemont/mount Royal neighborhood, in the north end of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It was established in 1959 and has a student population of 750 in grades 9-12.

Also known as the Martin Collegiate Institute or MCI, the school joins this list of best high schools in Regina as it has shown dedication to raising change agents and leaders through the educational sector. As its motto states “Hinc Fortior et Calrior” (Henceforth Stronger and Brighter), Martin Collegiate has ensured that students are provided with a learning environment that supports its motto.

With its academic programs, students are groomed to become better academically and psychologically. Additionally, students take part in other extracurricular activities to help their mental development as they try to explore other areas outside academics.

Miller Comprehensive High School

Location: 1027 College Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 1A7, Canada.

Miller Comprehensive is a Catholic high school established in 1966. It is the first high school built by the Regina Catholic School Division. It is named after a prominent member of the school’s board Joseph P. Miller. One of the goals of the catholic school is to promote togetherness while teaching students to respect and care for each other.

At Miller Comprehensive, your kids will enjoy a wide range of academic programs and extracurricular opportunities.

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These programs includes an advance placement program, a modified alternative academic program, specialized courses in construction, automotive, cosmetology, commercial cooking, baking, and welding.

The AP courses offered at Miller include English, computer science, calculus, psychology, and studio art. There are associate elementary schools affiliated to Miller such as Jean Vanier School, St. Augustine Community School, St. Catherine Community School, St. Dominic Savio School, St. Gabriel School, St. Marguerite Bourgeoys School, and St. Theresa School.

Miller comprehensive upholds the Christian faith. It encourages students to love the Lord and live peaceably in the community. This is a school I recommend if you are looking to preserve the testimony of the Christian Faith in your kids while they get knowledge.

F.W Johnson Collegiate

Location: 400 Fines Drive Regina, Saskatchewan, S4N 5L9 Canada

F.W Johnson Collegiate, named after the 16th lieutenant governor of Saskatchewan, Frederick W. Johnson was founded in 1985. It is located at the Glencairn neighborhood of East Regina, Canada and serves the Glencairn area.

The school offers a wide range of academic and non-academic programs which is based on a differentiated instruction model.

A good school in my opinion is not one with the finest of teachers, the coolest of buildings, or the most concise curriculum. It is a school that instill societal values into her students and F.W Johnson Collegiate is one of such high schools in Regina.

Michael A. Riffel High School

Location: 5757 Rochdale Boulevard Regina, Saskatchewan, S4X 3P5, Canada.

Michael A. Riffel High School is a Catholic high school established in 1985. The school was named in honor of a former trustee member of the Regina Catholic School division, Mr. Michael A. Riffel. Committed to helping students excel academically, the school has an excellently crafted teaching style and curriculum.

Your kids will be taught by teachers dedicated to meeting their academic needs. They provide and promote learning while instilling strong Christian values into their students. Discipline is at the core of the school’s values and they frown at indiscipline, taking adequate measures to curb it.

Additionally, the school provides athletic opportunities to students. The school’s athletes are known as the Royals and have been involved in several competitions, enjoying triumphs over other schools in the province.

Scott Collegiate

Location: 3355 6th Avenue Regina, Saskatchewan, S4T 3H7 Canada.

Scott Collegiate is a public high school, named after the first premier of Saskatchewan, Walter Scott. It is one of Regina’s oldest schools with a track record of academic excellence. The school provides a conducive learning environment, fitted with facilities that ensures advanced learning and academic success.

Schoolblog will recommend this school if you want your kids to do well academically and excel in sporting activities. The ‘Wolves’ which is Scott Collegiate athletic team is unrivaled in the province and they have a good coaching staff that is dedicated to providing adequate sports training for athletes.

Thom Collegiate

Location: 265 Argyle Street North, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4R 4C7 Canada.

Thom Collegiate is a public high school known to embrace diversity. The school offers instruction in both English and French immersion. It was founded in 1963 and named after Douglas J. Thom who was a lawyer, author, and member of the Regina Collegiate Board.

Thom Collegiate is located in the Coronation Park area of north Regina, Saskatchewan. It offers an Advanced Placement program with various courses as well as a dual-track French immersion program.

Aside from academic programs, the school also provides nonacademic programs which includes sporting activities, music classes, and much more.

Winston Knoll Collegiate

Location: 5255 Rochdale Boulevard Regina, Saskatchewan, S4X 4M8 Canada.

Winston Knoll Collegiate is one of the most notable high schools in Regina known to operate based on a college system of education. The school was established in 1996 with a strong focus on technology and scientific advancement.

It has a total of six designated areas called colleges, split into A,B,C,D,E,F and B-west, with each college having a designed number of classrooms.

As part of the school’s mission towards technological advancement, the school has computer labs stocked with laptop computers. In addition to its exceptional academic programs, the school offers non-academic programs to boost the psychological and mental capacity of their students.

Archbishop M.C O’Neill High School

Location: 134 Argyle Street North, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4R 4C3, Canada.

Archbishop M.C O’Neill High School is a Catholic high school established in 1966. It is regarded as one of the top Christian schools that promotes Christian values and knowledge in the city. The school is located in the Coronation Park neighborhood of North Regina, Saskatchewan. It serves the north, west, and central areas of town.

The school offers instruction in both English and French Immersion. It staff are trained to meet the needs of students both on academic, spiritual, and personal level.

Studying is Regina is not expensive. The cost of high schools in Regina can cost an average of $12,000 per year.

If you have any questions regarding best high schools in Regina, do well to use the comments section below as schoolblog team will be available to attend to all your questions. Cheers!

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