Global Cyber University (GCU) is a multinational network of people committed to making the world a better place. GCU helps in preparing pupils to develop a global attitude that will enable them to find solutions to the world’s and humanity’s challenges. GCU is a Hongik-inspired educational institution.

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Global Cyber University’s Mission

GCU is a global central university dedicated to teaching global men of ability in the twenty-first century, as well as globalizing Korean traditional and establishing welfare society. As such, they actively encourage Hallyu culture (also known as K-culture) all over the world.

BTS University is another name for Global Cyber University. Six of the seven members of BTS who became global sensations were Global Cyber University students.

Is Global Cyber University Accredited?

Absolutely, Global Cyber University is accredited to the fullest extent possible.
Cyber University has been accredited as a four-year university by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, as well as the Higher Education Act.

Department of Human Services, Department of Global Management, and Department of Cultural Contents were founded, along with three departments and six specializations.

Programs Offered by Global Cyber University

It is well known that the highly rated university offers a variety of programs. GCU is committed to recognizing and cultivating cultural genius as a global professional school for higher education in the twenty-first century.

Another interesting part is that they intend to develop themselves as an alma mater in the heart of global cultural exchange in order to accomplish this purpose.

They do so by implementing the following program:
• Counseling Psychology
• Brain Education Convergence
• Sports & Health
• Brain-based Emotion Coaching
• Practical English
• AI Convergence
• Convergence Contents
• Entertainment & Media
• Convergence Management
• Oriental Studies
• Interdisciplinary- Major
• Dementia Care
• Global K-Culture

Global Cyber University Acceptance Rate

GCU has a 96.3 percent approval rate. This implies you can enroll to the university with diligence and have a better chance of being accepted.
In the academic year 2010, all of Korea’s Cyber Universities had the third-highest amount of new admissions.

How to Apply for Admission

Students must pay tuition costs after enrolling in semester courses.

Also know that the registration process follows a set of guidelines and procedures.

During the course adjustment period, students can only change or cancel the courses they have selected.
If you wish to apply to Global Cyber University, go through this procedure.

Fill out the online application:
Visit for further information.
Complete and save the application form in its entirety.
Make a payment for the application fee (KRW 30,000)
Complete the Academic Aptitude Test and the Study Plan.

Document Requirements:

1. Official transcripts for all years of high school (Translated and notarized)

2. If you graduated from elementary, middle, and high school in various countries, you must submit all valid transcripts from those schools (elementary school, middle school, and high school).

3. Official High School Graduation Certificate (Translated and notarized)

4. Official Enrollment and Academic Credits Agreement (Attached file)

5. Apostille Verification Report or Academic History Verification Report

6. Online GCU Application Form a 34-inch photo of the candidate (Download)
Screening of a copy of a passport document.

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