Best Private Secondary School in Nigeria was listed and in the National Education Summit and Awards presented Chrisland Schools Limited with the Most Outstanding Private Secondary School Award.

The prize was given in honor of the school’s unwavering commitment to excellence, as seen by its students’ achievements in local and international examinations, athletics, and other extracurricular activities.

However, the National Education Summit is a forum for discussing solutions to the difficulties that face Nigerian education, as well as diverse practices that are necessary for expanding learning possibilities and fostering a culture of innovation and quality in the educational system.
The platform also honors educational institutions that are actively impacting the Nigerian experience for the better.

Most Outstanding best Private Secondary School in Nigeria, meanwhile, Ibironke Olatokunbo Adeyemi, the Managing Director of Chrisland Schools, has urged the government to support the private sector by lowering taxes on private schools.
She also stated that the government should adopt policies that will benefit both the education and economic sectors in the long run.

Adeyemi said this in response to the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) being held in August rather than the normal May/June.

She expressed concern that this would place undue strain on teachers who would have to go above and beyond to continue teaching kids after the session’s subject was completed.

During a virtual discussion with media, she told journalists that the government should do more planning.
“Private schools are suffering a lot of challenges,” Adeyemi remarked. We have to furnish everything ourselves, but we are inundated with taxes, laws, and policies that are inconsistent.”
She also raised concern about the inadequate budgetary allocation for education, urging an increase as well as higher pay for lecturers and better teaching and learning facilities.
“We made sure that all of our learners came on board with their devices,” she said, explaining how the school dealt with the pandemic. We had a learning framework in place, and we used available tools, such as Google Classroom and software, to instruct pupils, making learning enjoyable. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

When questioned how the Chrisland School has maintained quality with so many branches in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, Mrs Adeyemu said, “We are the first school to set up a quality assurance department.” They inspect all of our schools to ensure that we are doing things correctly and in accordance with what we are advising in order to meet international best practices. Every year, we ensure that our employees are trained and evaluated.”

Chrisland Schools also stand as one of the most rated secondary school in Nigeria at present.

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