Binghamton University Calendar: Binghamton University was founded as Triple Cities College in 1946 to cater to the needs of World War II veterans. The college was originally located in Endicott, New York, and was Syracuse University’s branch.

In 1950, the college was incorporated into the State University of New York (SUNY) and was given the name of Harpur College.

The college moved across the Susquehanna River to Vestal in 1961. The institution was formally declared as the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1965 and was given its current name in 1992.

At present, the university holds the Accreditation of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Also, many of its programs are approved by various prestigious organizations.

Located in the southern part of upstate New York at a distance of one mile from the Binghamton city, the university’s campus is just a short drive away from New York’s many major urban centers.

The campus features a world-class infrastructure and offers multiple first-class facilities. It houses a science complex that has five buildings and a multi-climate greenhouse. The University Art Museum is home to a collection of more than 3,000 ancient and modern pieces. The 190-acre Nature Preserve is covered with protected wetlands and forest and has a 6-acre pond.

The campus also offers numerous recreational and sports facilities like a fitness center, a swimming pool, equipment for paddling, hiking, etc., 42 competitive and recreational clubs and facilities for athletics and various intramural sports.

Binghamton University consists of six schools that offer over 130 undergraduate programs and more than 80 graduate programs in an array of fields such as accounting, anthropology, design, art, architecture, sciences, business, engineering, computer science, economics, English, nursing, philosophy, psychology, etc.

The university has collaborations with a number of foreign universities like Murdoch University in Australia, the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil, Duoc UC in Chile, Fudan University in China, Leipzig University in Germany, Anna University in India, etc.

These collaborations facilitate several student exchange and study abroad programs.

Binghamton University has produced a number of qualified graduates including several notable names.

Robyn Adele Anderson is a popular vocalist and artist for ‘Postmodern Jukebox’. William Baldwin is an actor who has appeared in the films ‘Flatliners’, ‘Backdraft’, ‘Sliver’, ‘Virus’ and the Netflix show ‘Northern Rescue’. Amy Dacey has served as the CEO of the Democratic National Committee. Sunny Hostin is ABC’s morning talk show ‘The View’s’ co-host and the senior legal correspondent for ABC News.

Dave Rubin hosts the well-known talk show ‘The Rubin Report’. Numerous other distinguished alumni are a part of the university’s alumni network.

Binghamton University Calendar 2022-2023

Binghamton University Calendar 2022-2023 has been released. Kindly note that, Binghamton University operates on a year-round schedule that includes a fall and spring semester and winter and summer sessions as it will be clearly shown in the Binghamton University Calendar l as you continue reading.

Below are academic events, important dates and deadlines on the Binghamton University Calendar 2022-2023.

Binghamton University Calendar Fall 2022

Fall semester 2022 begins on August 23 2022, to December 17 2022. Find out other significant events on the Binghamton University Calendar for the Fall semester of 2022.

New Student Move-in Day and Welcome Program are from August 18 2022, to August 20 2022.

Returning Student Move-in Day is from August 19 2022, to August 21 2022.

Binghamton Fall Classes begin on August 23 2022.

Labor Day Holiday is September 5 2022.
Monday classes meet (not Tuesday classes) on September 6 2022.

Rosh Hashanah (No classes) is from September 26 2022, to September 27 2022.
September 27 2022, is Academic Assessment Day.

Family weekend is from September 30 2022, to October 2 2022.

Yom Kippur (No Classes) is from October 4 2022, to October 5 2022.

Homecoming weekend is from October 7 2022, to October 9 2022.

Binghamton Fall Break 2022 is from October 20 2022 to October 23 2022.

Classes resume on October 24 2022.
Thanksgiving break is from November 23 2022, to November 27 2022.

Classes resume on November 28 2022.

December 9 2022, is the last day of classes for the Fall semester of 2022.

Reading days are from December 10 2022, to December 11 2022.

Final examinations are from December 12 2022, to December 16 2022.

Residence halls close on December 17 2022, at 10 a.m.

Binghamton University Calendar Winter 2023

The Winter 2023 session begins on December 19 2022, to January 13 2023.

Check out other important events on the Binghamton Academic Calendar for the Winter semester of 2023.

The Winter 2023 session begins on December 19 2022.

winter session break is from December 24 2022, to January 2 2023.

Winter session Classes resume on January 3 2023.

Winter session ends on January 13 2023.

Binghamton University Calendar Spring 2023

Spring 2023 session begins on January 17 2023, to May 15 2023.

Check out other important events on the Binghamton Academic Calendar for Spring semester of 2023.

Residence halls are open from January 14 2023, to January 15 2023.

Classes begin on January 17 2023.

Academic Assessment Day is February 21 2023.
Binghamton Winter Break March 2 2023, to March 5 2023.

Easter Break and Spring Break 2023 are from April 1 2023 to April 10 2023.

Classes resume on April 11 2023.
Monday classes meet (not Wednesday classes) on April 12 2023.

Friday classes meet (not Tuesday classes) on May 2 2023.

May 4 2023, is the last day of classes for Spring 2023.

Reading days are from May 6 2023, to May 7 2023.

Final examinations are from May 8 2023 to May 11 2023.

Senior Days are May 11 2023, to May 12 2023.
Residence halls close for non-seniors on May 12 2023, at 10 a.m.

Commencement ceremonies are from May 12 2023 to May 14 2023.

Residence halls close for seniors on May 15 2023, at 10 a.m.

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